Vinho Verde Wine Tour

Discover Lousada, a smal village that will amaze you


We will pick you up wherever you are (on request)


Our tour guides are experts in Culture, Gastronomy and History


Taste premium Vinho Verde (Green Wine), cheese and biological products


This enogastronomic tour will let you experience a mix of  flavors, taste and culture

Lousada: Vinho Verde Wine Tour

Give your senses a unique experience.

Have a full day tour in Lousada, an enchanted village in the heart of the demarcated region of the Vinho Verde.

Discover some memorable hidden treasures of the North of Portugal. Located approximately 30 minutes from Porto, Lousada offers a wide range of experiences for such a small geographic area.

Visit historic “Quintas”, producers of noble wines and conscious biological agriculture (fruit, herbs, teas and honey planted organically). Have delicious tasting experiences!

You will still have the chance to come into contact with local culture and History.

Truly, an awesome and unforgettable day.

On request/person

pay on arrival. to secure your booking, we will ask you for an initial deposit.


  • Specialized tour guide
    ↳  english tour douro portugal

  • Pick up & drop off at your accomodation

  • Breakfast with organic products (produced at the farm)

  • Lunch at a famous regional restaurant

  • Cheese and Vinho Verde tasting

  • Manor house guided tour

  • Travel insurance

We want to give you the perfect day!
If you have any suggestion or want to change the route, please tell us:

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Taste the noblest Vinho Verdes!

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